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What is microblading?

Microblading or feathered brows is an artistic form of eyebrow brow tattooing that creates a natural 3-D looking brow. Fine hair strokes are created to mimic the look of natural hairs to fill out uneven or spares hair, add fullness and definition.

What is powder/ombre?


Powder brows is a type of digital eyebrow tattooing. Using individual dots carefully layered to give your desired look, natural or all the way through to heavy. Ombre brows are powdered eyebrows with a light front bulb. Powder brows are  suitable for all skin type unlike microblading and overtime the age better, giving just a faded look.

How long will the eyebrows last once they are done?

It depends on your skin. Everyone’s skin heals differently; some hold pigment better than others. It usually last 12-24 months, sometimes longer. There is no guarantee how long it will last for you. Factors such as smoking, sun exposure, facial treatments and active face care products, all reduce the life of your brows. A refresher top up is recommended around the first 18 months.


How long does the treatment take to apply?

Please allow 1.5 hours for treatment, this includes your consultation, choosing colors and designing the shape. Sarah is very thorough and a perfectionist, this can be seen in her results. 


I have an old eyebrow tattoo, can you go over it?

You must let Sarah know if you have ever had previous cosmetic tattooing done before. A lot of old work that has been done many years ago was most likely done with a machine and a different type of ink. This has left many of you with heavy scar tissue and faded out to funny colours. If your eyebrows have not faded enough Sarah will not work on you. The problem with going over some old work is that the skin may have lots of scar tissue which will not hold onto the new pigment implanted.

Which appointment do I book?

If you are unsure which type of brows, please book any type of Brows and I will go through the different types during the consultation. Please have an idea of what you are hoping to achieve. Please be aware feather brows are only suitable for near perfect skin.

All new clients, even if you have a previous tattoo done elsewhere, will still need to book a full appointment not a touch up. A full consultation is still required. Touch up appointments are for existing clients only.


Do you draw them on first?

Yes, always. Your eyebrow area is measured and an outline is drawn on to follow as a guideline, you may bring in photos of how you would like them but please remember that what may look good on one person may not be suitable for you as everyone has different eyebrow and facial features.


Who is best suited for eyebrow tattoos?

Anyone wanting fuller brows, has no eyebrows at all, wants a better shape or perfect outline!

Anyone with the following can have problems holding feather brows and powder brows would be recommended. Sarah will discuss this with you during your consultation, although Powder Brows would be my advice for most people as Microblading does not age as well as Powder Brows and we also need to think what they will look like in time, not just immediately.

  • Oily skin

  • Large pores

  • Wrinkly skin around brow area

  • Sun damaged skin

  • Rosacea

  • Any other issues with facial skin


Who is not suitable?


  • Suffering from cancer/undergoing chemotherapy

  • Suffers from major heart problems such as stroke/heart attack

  • Has diabetes type 1 (type 2 will require a medical clearance from your doctor)

  • Problems with skin healing

  • Auto immune disease

  • Pregnant/breastfeeding

  • Suffering from severe anxiety, if you are very unsure and having doubts, or overly worried that you may not like them, then it is advised not to get this procedure done. If you turn up to your appointment and decide you no longer want to go through with it you will forfeit your deposit.

What to do to prepare for appointment?

  • Limit caffeine 24 hours before

  • Limit alcohol 24 hours before

  • If you are on blood thinning medication it can impact pigment retention - please see your doctor for advice.

  • Order numbing cream from the link at least 2 weeks before your appointment. Please arrange for it to be delivered to your own address. 1ml of each for brows, and apply the pre cream before your arrive at your appointment, so you are ready to go!


Will it look natural? Do I still have to tint my eyebrows?

The more hair you have the more natural it will look. The colour used is matched with your natural eyebrow hairs. If you would like really thick eyebrows it is best that you naturally have a good amount of hair to start with. If you naturally have very light or blonde eyebrows and wish for much darker brows, you may still have to tint your eyebrows for it to blend in, eyebrow tattooing does not replace tinting. Also keep in mind that eyebrows are sisters not twins. Colour is usually darker immediately after treatment and will fade about 30% after skin heals.


Will I still have to wax/pluck my eyebrows?

Yes you will still have to maintain your eyebrows; your hair is still going to grow.


I am pregnant or breastfeeding, can I get this done?

No. You will have to wait.


How do I look after them?

You will be given special aftercare instructions on how to care for your new eyebrows.



How does this process work?

It works through the process of Osmosis : By introducing a high concentration of saline into the dermis of the skin where unwanted pigment resides, water in the cells beneath and surrounding the pigment (which contain lower concentrations of sea salt) will create osmotic pressure and will rise to the areas containing the higher concentrations of sea salt. With this process of equalization, pigment is forced from the dermal layer upward to the epidermal layer by osmotic pressure.

Lactic acid removal is NOT used due the severe level of scaring that can be caused.

What can the client expect during and after each treatment?

During the treatment you should expect bleeding and some mild swelling. There will be slight tenderness of the area for a day or so. Scabs should begin to form after 24 - 48hrs. Pigment may be visible in the scab, the scab is critical and exactly what we want to achieve! It cannot be touched, picked or wet in the shower. The results will not be known for at least thirty days after your removal session.

What are the benefits of this procedure?

The tattoo is lighter and could possibly fade completely over time. This removal technique is safe for most skin types. The saline removal method is safer and has less risks of hyper/hypo pigmentation, blistering, and scarring than laser removal treatments. The skin may be tattooed over once the area has sufficiently healed. Most clients find once having laser tattoo removal on their brows they will not be able to get any success in retention of color due to the scar tissue caused by the laser. This is NOT the case with saline removal. The area can definitely be tattooed again with great success in retention.

Who are the best candidates?

Clients who are patient and willing to follow the strict aftercare instructions are good candidates. Clients on blood thinning medications who have obtained a Doctors note and have no healing issues may be good candidates as blood flow during the procedure is both beneficial and desired for a good outcome.

How many treatments will I need?

This all varies on the type of tattoo we are trying to remove, how deep the pigment was placed and how well you heal. For correction work the tattoo doesn't need to be removed entirely. As long as we can lighten it enough to go over it again that may only require 1 - 2 sessions, in some cases clients have needed 4 - 5 sessions. This will be further determined at your consultation and after we have seen the healed results of your first treatment.


Does it hurt?

Everyone experiences different levels of pain and tolerance to topical numbing cream; ranging from slight discomfort to painful. The majority of people feel very little once the numbing the cream has been applied. Refer above for ordering information.

What payment methods?

Cash only at appointment.

Please make sure you have read the FAQs before booking an appointment.

If you suffer from any of the conditions which would prevent you from having the treatment on the day, please do not book an appointment. If you arrive on the day and it is determined you cannot receive the treatment due to those listed in FAQs, you will forfeit your deposit.

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